Jobs Open for Western Staff in Dubai Hotel Apartments

Property developments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates are rising at a faster rate than ever before, opening up new jobs especially in the hospitality industry. In December last year, STR Global Construction Pipeline reported that more than 10,000 rooms were under construction in Dubai alone, and 3,000 plus in Abu Dhabi. Only Saudi Arabia stays ahead with more than 15,000 either in the construction or planning stage. Count a few months into 2014 and those rooms would be ready for bookings by mid-year.

This, plus the fact that the tourism industry in Dubai is growing by leaps and bounds, translates to a great potential growth in the number of jobs available for hotel staff, especially in Dubai which is growing a lot faster than any other emirate in the UAE. Over the years, Dubai has become a very western-friendly city and a place which could very well become a prolific job destination for American hospitality professionals.

Dubai Hotel ApartmentsDubai hotel apartments are a good place to consider if you’re looking for work in the Middle East. Many of these hotels are looking for European and American staff in view of the great number of westerners going there on a regular basis. Expatriates now compose over 70% of the population count in the emirate, and a good number of these are westerners in different occupations. All kinds of jobs are available in these Dubai hotel apartments – from executive positions to waiters and waitresses – and the pay is considerable a lot more than what you’d get back home.

Actually, Dubai is struggling with a shortage of hospitality professionals. Even with hotels linking up with universities to be able to corner hotel management graduates, the growth in the tourism industry is still too fast for them to be able to keep up. Sourcing employees from overseas remains to be a more viable option. The city has 599 hotels and 80,500 hotel rooms, and the government hopes to double the number of rooms by 2020. If you happen to be a hotel management student, or doing hotel work now, these figures are something you would consider when looking for a job in Dubai hotel apartments.

Higher salaries are among the major incentives for a career in Dubai hotel apartments and in other businesses there. And your pay goes straight into your bank account, because it is against the law in Dubai to levy taxes against personal income from employment. Aside from that, US citizens may qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion tax break, which excludes income up to $82,400 from any taxes to the US. Now that’s a good incentive which could attract more and more Americans to work in Dubai.

If you’re worried about possible cultural issues in Dubai, this is generally no longer an issue. When you start work there at any of the Dubai hotel apartments, you’ll find all kinds of nationalities around you, but lots of westerners and Americans too. They’re there either as travelling businessmen, tourists, or permanent residents – people who’ve decided to continue their careers there because of the more lucrative income, and who have invested in property, which is one thing that could also qualify you for permanent residency.

As far as western amenities are concerned, they’re all around in Dubai. The only thing that might surprise you is probably the weather. It gets awfully hot in the summer, June to September, up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but most westerners don’t complain. They don’t stay out that much.

Weather during winter is very pleasant, 75 degrees in the daytime, and that’s when people flock to Dubai and the occupancy rate goes up drastically.  By then, you’ll be too busy attending to guests to worry about the weather.