5 Secrets to Finding the Best Long Island SEO Company

It is not surprising to find SEO companies and consultants advertising themselves as the best in the SEO field. In the competitive markets of New York and Long Island, expect to find several SEO providers.

When looking for the best Long Island SEO company, remember that you need to consider a number of factors. These factors will greatly reflect the capabilities of the company in delivering results.

Here are five essential factors to consider when looking for the best SEO firm:


SEOIt is important that you set your mind to finding a Long Island SEO company who you can work with for a long time rather than just a one-time provider. Remember that those companies who have stayed longer in the business will most likely be committed in giving the right result. Otherwise, this company will never stay that long.

A reputable company has clients who trust them because they show commitment to succeed. Commitment entails quality work, growth in your sales and continuous recommendation of strategies.

2.Value for Money

This has always been a tricky factor to consider. We always think of budget when making a decision. However, keep in mind that not all affordable services can guarantee effective results. In the same way, not all highly priced Long Island SEO company delivers high quality service.

You may be tempted to try companies that promise great results in a very short time. Think and consider the fact that SEO does not work like magic. There is no such thing as success overnight. SEO entails hard work, patience and time.

3.Customer Service

How do you reach the people working for your account? Perhaps you talked to the company’s marketing people and they earn your business. You believe in them because they are good communicators.  However, they may not be the same people who are going to do the actual SEO work.

In this case, it is best to request the following:

•Person you can contact
•Frequency of updates or reports
•Setting of expectations
•Length of contact
•Means of contact (emails, online meetings, chat or call)

4.Quality of Data Analysis

SEO relies heavily on analytics which shows the needed data about the work. With the help of Google Analytics, everything is made easier. Still, graph is just an image if you can never obtain valuable insights from it.

The crucial part of the report is on the quality of data analysis. That is why you need to look for a Long Island SEO company who understands the business, give you useful insights, explain to you the impact on your business and offer recommendations.


Since SEO work can only be seen through analytics, how do you monitor accountability of the team working on your account? You need to understand the process and strategies involved in getting the result. This can only be measured by looking at the actual workload done by the team.

Before you start the project, ensure that you know the people working on your brand. Constant communication will give you an idea on how much they put effort in building your brand online.

A reliable Long Island SEO company should be able to give you an online project management system where you can see all the specific work completed for every hour. It should also contain the tasks done, resources used, objectives for the week and timeline of the project. This way, you know everything that’s going on especially if you feel that you are not getting the results you wanted.

Now that you have all the elements an SEO company should possess, you are now ready to take their services!